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  • How do I care for my bouquet?
    1. Using a very clean vase, fill with cold tap water and add the flower food packet that came with your bouquet, stirring well. 2. You may cut the last inch or more of the stem off the bottom if you wish. Remove any leaves on the stem that will be touching the water. 3. Place vase out of direct sunlight, the cooler you can keep the flowers, the better! 4. Replace the vase water every couple of days, checking the water levels frequently. The first day, the flowers will drink a LOT of water. 5. Some blooms will be spent quickly, simply remove them from the vase and enjoy the remaining flowers.
  • How long will my flowers last?
    It will depend on what variety of flowers are in the bouquet and what kind of after care it receives. Heat is the enemy of fresh flowers, so try and keep them as cool as possible. Some variety of flowers are very short lived divas, like dinnerplate dahlias that only last 3-4 days. Other varieties will last 2 weeks in the vase, like strawflowers and statice! Simply pluck out the spent bloom and keep enjoying the rest of your bouquet.
  • How do Bouquet Subscriptions work?
    Following a farming CSA model, subscriptions are paid for in advance. Starting on a certain date, you may pick up your bouquet at the pick up location you have choosen. Pick up locations are at the farm, at the back porch of Petite Petal flower shop, or at some friendly customer's front porch. There is no contact at any of the pick up locations. At the set time, simply drive to the location, select a bouquet from the bucket of water, sign off on the clipboard (don't worry if you don't see one) and enjoy the flowers! Spring subscriptions are available on a weekly basis. The Flower Lover subscription is a once a month pick up.
  • I forgot to pick up my subscription, can you hold my bouquet for me?"
    Unfortunately, we are unable to hold bouquets after the specified pick up time this year.
  • I am going on vacation, can you suspend my subscription?"
    Please give me at least a week's notice and we can make arrangements for you to pick up your bouquet at another time.
  • Can I have extra flowers to pick up with my weekly share?
    Yes, absolutely! Contact me at least 3 days in advance and I can have extra flowers ready to be picked up with your regular subscription. There is a special price for subscription members.
  • How do I dry flowers?
    Hang drying flowers is very easy! While the flowers are at their peak, remove all the leaves and bundle several stems together. Use a rubber band and tie the bottom of the stem bundle and then hang upside down in a dark, DRY, cool place (like a closet or a garage). In a few weeks the stems will get hard and they are ready to enjoy! Some of the varieties of flowers we grow that hold their color and shape when dried: Strawflowers, Statice, Bunny Tails, Explosion Grass, Amaranth, Flax, Cress, Larkspur, Billy Balls, Globe Thistle, Feverfew, Yarrow, Pincushion, Burpleurum...
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