Flower Farm

GraceHope Flower Farm is committed to regenerative agriculture. We practice no-till and approach our growing practices in a holistic way. We are a small farm, growing on 1/3 of an acre and do all of the labor ourselves. 
Our main crops are Ranunculus in the spring, Dahlias in the summer/fall and Dried Material available summer through winter. 
We focus on selling high quality, specialty product wholesale to Floral Designers in our area. Due to Covid's impact on the wedding industry, we branched out and started offering Bouquet Subscriptions to the public. We found enthusiastic support from our local community and have decided to continue this offering. Bringing awareness of unique, specialty blooms to the public has been exciting and rewarding.



Jessica and Carolyn run the operation with lots of help from both their families.
Jessica is the owner of GraceHope Flowers and lives in San Jose where she has the flower cooler and seed starting greenhouse.
Carolyn works and owns the land (along with her husband, Mike, who is very involved in the business as well). Their property is Lavender & Birch Homestead and they have a beautiful renovated barn venue on site.

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Jessica named her business after her two daughters, Grace and Hope. She also has a loving, supportive husband and two wonderful sons- who have forgiven her for not including their names in the flower business. The whole family is often roped into helping at the farm. Shoveling compost and hearing about flowers nonstop has become commonplace.



Barn venue on a Flower Farm

Carolyn and Mike, along with their daughter Cari, husband Arsene and family, live on the Lavender & Birch Homestead. Everyone helps run the Homestead and the children can often be found playing with the Nigerian dwarf goats.
During harvest time, it is all hands on deck and you can find the whole family cheerfully harvesting flowers out in the field.

Lavender & Birch Homestead offers a renovated barn as a venue for events. Please see the FAQ page for more information.